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Bring the Outside In

Minimal maintenance... maximum effect!

We have an innate connection to nature and the current pandemic has only strengthened our desire to be outdoors. Faux plants, flowers and foliage are one of the most popular features of this year’s trends and are a perfect alternative to fresh stemmed flowers for many reasons.       Faux foliage and flowers are long lasting and are therefore more cost effective than having to replace fresh flowers every week or so. There is also minimal maintenance with maximum effect, the only care you will have to give your arrangement is a light dusting or a wipe with a clean cloth.       You don’t have to wait for your favourite flowers to be in bloom, you can have seasonal flowers all year long.  Who says you can’t have hydrangeas dotted around your home in February? With that in mind, there are no limits on where you can style your flowers in your home, you don’t have to rely on sunlight or a specific temperature for your flowers to thrive, they always look their best no matter where they are. So why not add a vase of flowers to your dining table, or to an empty space on that shelf?   Shop our stems and foliage